Grammar Resource Book - Посібник (Левашов О.С.)

Present continuous





I am working

Am I working?

I am not working

We are working

Are we working?

We are not working

You are working

Are you working?

You are not working

He/she/it is working

Is he/she/it working?

He/she/it is not working

They are working

Are they working?

They are not working


Events happening right now, e.g. My friend is talking to

the boss. I’m listening to you.

Events happening for a period around now, but not at the

moment of speaking, e.g. We are studying law. Is she writing a

research paper?

3. Events that will or will not happen in the near future, e.g. He’s

meeting some friends after work. I’m not going to the party tonight.


Well, we are listening to you.

These children are shouting so – are they fighting?

What are you thinking about?

I am afraid you are making a mistake.

It is so warm. Why are you wearing this heavy sweater?

What are you doing here? Are you waiting for someone?

Oh, come on. The taxi is waiting.

What’s the matter? Why is your child crying so?

I am afraid you are losing your temper.

We are leaving tomorrow by 5 o’clock train.

They are coming to dinner on Sunday.

You are always complaining and grumbling.

Why are you always coming late?

Why are you always interrupting people?

I don’t know what you are talking about.

Someone is waiting for you downstairs.

Is anyone coming for dinner tonight?

Why are you wearing a fur coat on a day like this?

I think she is looking for a job.

Why are you looking at me in such a way? I am only trying to help.

Your bag is so heavy. What are you carrying in there?

Switch off the vacuum-cleaner! It is shaking the whole house!

It’s two o’clock sharp. My father is having lunch now.

Just listen. How beautifully the birds are singing!

We are having a party tonight, some old friends of ours are coming to see us.

Somebody is knocking at the door.

I am staying indoors because it is raining.

What is the title of the book which you are reading?

Look, smoke is coming out of the window!

Please don’t talk to me this way, you are being unfair.

”You are being very absurd”, she said coldly.

I think you are being very wise. A complete rest, that is what you need.

Stop whatever you're doing, now.

You're being very kind to me.

Great news, man, you're going home.

My men are working around the clock.

Things are changing rapidly nowadays.

He's lying about what he saw yesterday.

We're checking the hospitals right now.

He and I are meeting early next morning.

I am not sure what I am doing but it’s such a fun.

Is it true that Britney Spears is writing a book?

Former tennis great Monica Seles is working on a memoir.

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of new IT products.

 ”Are you thinking of some particular case, Sir Henry?” asked Mrs. Bantry shrewdly

The US Navy is sending three warships to the eastern Mediterranean Sea in a show of strength

A number of private and public research institutions are developing new agricultural products.

A number of independent schools are establishing pre-school centres as a service to parents.

Bill Gates says that people are underestimating what Microsoft is doing with search technology.

This year I am serving on a committee that is assessing the effectiveness of new school programs.


I'm working on the appeal now.

I'm running this investigation.

I'm holding a warrant for your arrest.

He is afraid the FBI is bugging him.

We are pursuing all leads, all suspects.

I'm sure the police are watching his apartment.

Chief inspector says they're working on the case.

Cops say you know more than you're telling.

The cops are here and they're following us.

My staff is working on the lawsuit right now.

I suppose the police are watching every move I make.

The cops are leaving and calling off the search.

The detectives are pursuing Mattiece as a suspect.

The police and FBI are crawling all over this place now.

Her husband is serving thirty years in prison for bank robbery.

The Common Law is constantly adapting itself to the conditions of today.

Officials in the state of Minnesota are now considering reinstatement of the death penalty for drug abuse.

The state legislators are planning a major expansion of the state’s prison system.

Comparative criminology is becoming increasingly valuable for the insights which it provides.

The threat to the United Kingdom from the misuse of drugs is growing.

In our comprehensive anti-drug strategy we are already deploying new technologies, increasing the Customs budget, doubling the number of patrol agents along the border.

A number of private firms are providing DNA comparisons and offering this service to law enforcement departments.

Although the number of claims for theft compensation is decreasing, the average size of claims is increasing.

The military and the police are pursuing the group of militants who recently kidnapped five government officials.

Although the Western state is typically regulating, controlling or financing educational provision, there is commonly no legally overt link between access to education and citizenship.

Russian crime group members in the US are becoming increasingly violent.

Law enforcement sources indicate that telecommunications fraud is spreading to Northern California.

One cellular telephone station in the Hollywood area is losing approximately $2 million a month in fraudulent calls.

Russian crime groups in the former Soviet Union are wire transferring huge amounts of money from bank accounts in Finland, Cayman Islands, and Europe to U.S. banks.

The Russian émigrés are opening import/export businesses in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.

These fuel fraud groups are pocketing up to 50 cents per gallon in federal and state taxes.

According to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, California is attracting the second largest number of Russian émigrés who settle in any state in this country.

California is experiencing a migration of Russian crime figures from the East Coast.

Even countries such as Switzerland are experiencing the appearance of youth gangs.

Hispanic gang leaders in California are becoming entrepreneurs in the drug trade.

The gang crimes are becoming more and more violent.

A few of the gangs are recruiting non-Hispanic gang members, and some Hispanic gang members are joining different ethnic gangs.

Various Hispanic gangs are aligning with other ethnic gangs, usually from the same neighborhood.

Hispanic female gangs are evolving exclusive of the traditionally male Hispanic gangs and some of the female gang members are participating in auto thefts, assaults and murders.

Today Asian gangs are terrorizing and preying upon their own communities with violent crimes, which occasionally result in murders.

With about one million people in prison and jail, and two and a half million on probation, it is clear we are experiencing a crisis in our penal system.

There are all indications that we are still not using our corrections system efficiently.

We accept that unfortunately the traditional system of probation, parole and community corrections is not working.

At present stage of the investigation the police are checking a storage area of the library.

Christchurch Police are investigating the theft of 369 rare books from libraries around New Zealand.

.A liaison officer from the Operation Trident team is working with the Jamaican authorities, and closer work with customs, immigration and other agencies is also taking place.

.Each Sunday, a group of students go to the park and offer free food for homeless people, but the police say these students are breaking the law.

The FBI is tracking them, and they're also watching the main suspect.

Relax, no one is watching you, except for about twenty of our agents.

I'm not sure what he's doing, but he's not interrogating the suspect.

These men are abusing this court and the juvenile laws of the state of Tennessee.

I'm sure the police are searching the hospital, because they suspect the criminals are hiding there..

The plaintiffs are alleging a multitude of procedural sins by the defendants, and, a lot of it's probably true.

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in serious crime investigations.

Across Florida, we're arresting more little kids than ever before and treating them more harshly.

Police officials are drawing up plans for pilot community justice centres.

Police are now using cellular phones in many agencies.

Nowadays youngsters with mobile phones are falling prey to schoolyard muggers.

“Nigerian letters” fraudsters are extremely clever – they are playing on human greed.

A jury is still considering its verdict after a three-week trial of a rapist.

The government is considering a ban on the far-right National Democratic Party.

At present prosecutors are considering charges against three officials for conspiracy at the state electoral commission.

Right now Telewest Network Centre is investigating the incident of a major computer theft with the police.

Two people are suing Cleveland police for assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.

Currently in UK prisons no one is complaining of mistreatment or lack of access to lawyers.

The Crown Prosecution Service is currently facing calls for a review of its guidelines.

The fraud squad right now is investigating contracts worth about ₤40 m at the Millennium Dome.

Scotland Yard detectives are examining the award of contracts to four of the Millennium Dome’s main suppliers in an escalation of the ten-month inquiry.

Investigators are studying the possible causes of the building collapse.

Police are tracking down the killers of a young woman through the DNA evidence.

The Soho nail bomber is serving six life sentences in a maximum security prison.

Currently western officials are helping local police in the investigation of a contract killing of a Mafia boss.

The world’s largest group of drug traffickers is flooding southern Asia with heroin and methamphetamine from underground laboratories.

Insurance fraud is increasing these days with annual losses of hundreds of billions of dollars all over the world.

Today police are combing the rural areas around Dallas in search for a group of criminals at large.

As with the business world, British crime groups are forming joint ventures with foreign gangs.

Currently Europol is being more proactive than Interpol which acts mainly as a database.

Many countries are introducing schemes for the electronic tagging of certain offenders.

Cyber-criminals are permanently setting up bogus companies on the Net.

Professional criminals are now exploiting the Internet for profit.

A Computer Crime Squad at the FBI is making use of informants and undercover agents in its fight against cybercrime.

The Electronic Crime Laboratories are increasing their specialist staff.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is upgrading the National Crime Information Center.

The Crown Prosecution Service is currently facing calls for a review of its guidelines.

Despite the late birth of forensic science, technology is now moving so swiftly that legislation is hardly keeping up.

The new forensic lab is already working on two murder cases and three more are awaiting analysis.

Detectives are investigating a series of indecent exposure cases.

Transnational crime is fast becoming a key factor in a number of strategically significant states and regions.

Al-Qaeda terrorist group is recruiting young men from all over the world.

The law enforcement is seeking proposals from companies on an array of new surveillance products.

National Criminal Intelligence Service experts from the Synthetic Drugs Unit are now examining the site of the UK's biggest ever illicit amphetamine factory at a small farm in East Sussex.

Mafia gangs in Istanbul and Kosovo are exploiting the post-war destabilization in the former Yugoslavia, with its weak laws, liberal visa regimes and massive corruption.

Border guards in Bosnia turn a blind eye when criminals are smuggling across a lorry load of illegal immigrants.

Immigrants are crossing Europe's borders in extremely large numbers.

Ukraine is making progress in the fight against money laundering.

The former Panama president General Noriega is now serving his sentence in the US federal prison.

As more and more women join police forces, they are gradually gaining acceptance.

The law enforcement agencies are not disputing the effectiveness of the federal witness security program.

Russian crime groups are operating in many of the major cities in California.

Crime syndicates from Russia, Asia, and Africa are forming alliances with traditional Italian and Latin American organizations.