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To ask

To be asked


To be asking



To have asked

To have been asked

Perfect Continuous

To have been asking



The Infinitive names the action, not indicating its actual time. It can perform any function in the sentence, e.g. To read is useful. Theres a lot of work to be done.


Their job was to cut down huge trees and send them down the river to be cut up into lumber.

Theres absolutely nothing to be worried about.

There was always an important project to work on, something new to discover, or some mystery to solve.

He walked to the front-door closet to help her on with her coat.

I live in Brooklyn to save money and work in Manhattan to make it.

To reach Rodmell it was necessary to cross the river Ouse.

It now only remains to be said that Mrs. Cage got back home in safety and lived in great comfort and happiness.

What is there to be done? What is there to say that hasnt already been said?

There was nothing to do but wait.

I have a secret to confide in you.

Once or twice they went to have a look at the town of tents that was beginning to spring up all round the village.

Most people find it difficult, if not impossible, to concentrate on things that dont interest them.

Everyone admired her, asked her name, and wanted to be introduced to her.

She was eager to hurry away so as not to be seen by other women.

The loans had to be repaid.

The thought of the big boy who used to chase and frighten her made her hurry along the path to escape from the shadow of the trees.

She was glad to have something to do.

It was a surprise to find so clean and comfortable a little dwelling in this wilderness.

Everyone wants to be independent.

It is not easy to be a farmer in todays world: loans are hard to get and the interest rates are high.

This plane is large enough to accommodate 320 passengers.

The only sensible course was to go home.

In order to get the best view, passengers lined up in the corridor.

To help fit the evidence together in order to discover the story behind the site, archaeologists use a number of scientific techniques.

A river bank is a pleasant place to be, especially in the morning.

Her book was the first to win a National Book Award and a Newbery Medal in the same year.

One has to work hard in order to be successful.

There is a lot to be seen in Europe.

In a rather open place there were no large trees to fell.

Navy scientists invented a new device to detect and locate enemy submarines almost anywhere in the ocean.


If your neighbor drops a banana peel on his sidewalk and it causes you to slip, fall, and break your hip, you may eventually want to start a civil lawsuit to force your neighbor (or his insurance company) to pay your

medical bills.

Immediate measures must be taken to collect the evidence.

It is better to prevent crimes than to punish them.

Our prime responsibility is to keep law and order in one of the worlds busiest capital cities.

Our service wants to be judged by the service it delivers.

We try to be visible in the streets of the city to help you feel safe and secure.

The police make every effort to protect people from crime and detect offenders.

Our aim is to arrive at urgent incidents within 12 minutes.

The focus of our drive against drug misuse is to reduce the supply and demand for all drugs.

To be effective the partnership approach requires activity in which the police and others work together to improve community safety.

There were complaints from prisoners, mostly whites, who did not want to be celled with black prisoners.

The court must give the defendant an opportunity to be heard.

It is impossible to give more than an outline of the subjects which are today covered by the law.

The county courts were first established by the County Courts Act, 1846 to provide cheap, speedy and local justice.

In some cases the judge permits separate verdicts to be pronounced on a question of law.

It is not possible here to outline in full the jurisdiction of each of the courts, or their efficiency.

The duty of the jury is to well and truly try the case and give a true verdict according to the evidence.

In jury trials the judge explains the facts to be proved and the law to be applied.

A criminal court has power to order legal aid to be granted where it appears desirable to do so in the interests of justice.

The police have no power to detain a person merely to question him.

The police are adequately trained to know their wide powers and to use them with discretion and tact.

A police inquiry is made to ascertain the facts, and to detect the author of the crime from the available evidence.

A valid confession is itself sufficient to enable a Court of Law to convict a person, without corroborative evidence.

The first duty of any government is to maintain peace and promote good order within the State.

Those who look to strict law enforcement as a primary drug control strategy usually stress the need for secure borders, drug testing to identify users, and stiff penalties to discourage others from drug involvement.

The first federal laws to authorize forfeiture as a criminal sanction were both passed in 1970.

This section of the law was designed to prevent criminal infiltration of legitimate businesses.

Societys readiness to seek educational solutions to social ills reflects the value that it attaches to education per se.

In 1998 the U.S. Department of Justice initiated efforts to standardize and upgrade the quality of drug education throughout the nations schools.

The Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program uses law enforcement officers to conduct classes in elementary schools.

To be effective, drug education programs will probably have to acknowledge cultural messages that encourage drug use.

The cost of drugs forces many users into the commission of property crimes to acquire the funds necessary to continue their drug life-styles.

Massive international criminal cartels will stop at nothing to protect their financial interests.

The crime rates of different nations are difficult to compare.

Defendants may choose to be represented in Chinese courts by an attorney, a relative, or a friend, or may choose to represent themselves.

Major efforts to consolidate police departments culminated in the Police Acts of 1946 and 1964.

A number of contemporary organizations and publications continue to focus world attention on criminal justice issues.

We shall work with others to protect the worlds environment and to counter the menace of drugs, terrorism, and crime.

Researchers looked constantly for an efficient way to rapidly compare large numbers of fingerprints.

Some police departments have begun to build and use large computer data bases with the ability to cross-reference specific information about crimes in order to determine patterns and identify suspects.

White-collar criminals tend to be punished less severely than other offenders.

The Code of Hammurabi is one of the first bodies of law to survive and be available for study today.

Many jurisdictions today are beginning to allow wives to bring charges of rape against their husbands.

It is important to realize that legal definitions of insanity often have very little to do with psychological and psychiatric understandings of mental illness.

Daniel McNaughten, a woodworker from Glasgow, Scotland, in 1844 became the first person to be found not guilty of a crime by reason of insanity.

If the person to be searched, or in charge of a vehicle to be searched, does not understand what is being said, the officer must take reasonable steps to bring information to his attention.

There is no power to require a person to remove any clothing in public other than an outer coat, jacket or gloves.

To inquire into the criminal law process is to embark on an investigation of one of the cornerstones of all modern societies.

Nations have increasingly turned to the legal system in an effort to bring order out of chaos or to maintain stability in the face of dramatic changes in the fabric of society.

Police agencies tend to be unusually successful in campaigns to obtain favourable legislation in part because there is rarely any opposition to their efforts.

Anti-drug laws in the United States emerged initially as tax-revenue measures, with the explicit intention that they were to be used to provide a constitutional basis for federal control.

Gambling, prostitution, and professional theft provide the clearest illustrations of the mutual advantages to be had by law enforcers and law violators through the establishment of a working relationship.

Extensive public relations programs are instituted in order to educate the public about problems of law enforcement and thereby to reduce public criticism of law-enforcement agencies.

Excessive speed reduces a drivers ability to perceive and react to roadway hazards.

Youth courts sit separately from the ordinary magistrates` court in order to protect young defendants from publicity.

Of the English towns, London alone was large enough to have developed a full-scale urban criminal society.

Both Pitt in 1785 and Peel in 1829 introduced their police Bills not only to reduce crime and protect people, but also to reduce the number of executions.

The impact that police had on crime is difficult to assess.

To detect crimes police officers sometimes need to be in plain clothes.

To ensure a higher quality of work the director of the police department was not to be a policeman but a lawyer from outside the force.

To enforce "the king's peace" throughout the realm the king sent judges into the countryside.

The use of peers to decide guilt and innocence represents an effort on the part of the government to underpin the legal system with an acceptable moral base.

If a defendant can show that the community at large is too intimately familiar with the case, then it is possible to force the trial to take place elsewhere.

To understand the workings of the legal order in contemporary America and England, one must also comprehend that many of the problems within the legal institution stem from the attempt by the middle class to impose their own standards and their own view of proper behavior on groups whose values differ.

No readily available answer is to be found to the question of how legal norms and legal institutions emerge and take their particular shape.

The purpose of this paper is to trace the development of crime and criminal law in England from 400 A.D. to 1200 A.D.

The debate about the use of informants in criminal investigation will go on for many years to come.

Thoughtful police administrators will seek ways to most effectively work with their senior citizens and to utilize them as a valuable community resource.

The victim of a crime, if he is alive and conscious, is the first person to be interviewed.

A general rule to be followed by every investigator is: nothing at a crime scene is too insignificant.

The investigator is seldom the first person to arrive at the scene of a crime; usually the first police officer to arrive is the uniformed officer.

The police officer cannot exercise any more restraint or use more force than is necessary to make an arrest.

The amount of force to be used in an arrest varies.

If the subject to be arrested is suspected of a felony, the police officer may use all necessary means to overcome the resistance in order to effect the arrest.

People have a tendency to do particular things in individual ways that can serve as a means of identification.

Police forces serve to keep social order.

Before the introduction of the now famous Murder Bags a detective had no tapes to measure distance, no compass to determine direction, nothing with which to take fingerprints or preserve clues.

Traffic management schemes have been introduced in most urban areas to minimize congestion, create a better environment and improve road safety.

A major counterterrorism advertising campaign was launched by the Metropolitan Police Service to encourage the public to remain alert to the threat of terrorism, and to publicize the Anti-Terrorist Branch confidential hotline number.

Anti-Terrorist Branch officers have met estate agents, insurers, facilities managers and hoteliers to give specialist crime prevention advice and tell what to look out for.

The object of the law is to reform criminals, and to prevent crime and not to punish maliciously, or from a spirit of revenge

A range of specialist organizations provide services to protect technical infrastructure or investigate instances of electronic crime.

The hacker used a computer virus to gain access to the computers of a large number of the Internet Service Providers customers.

Corporate, and in particular financial organizations, are reluctant to report electronic crime because of possible damage to reputation and loss of customer confidence.

It will soon be an offence to access a computer without authorization, possess hacking programs with intent to use them to commit a crime, and to deal in hacking programs.

We need to expand our capability to respond to electronic crime and to meet the greater demand for forensic examination of electronic devices.

We do not let people bring hard core pornographic material across our borders.

We will continue to develop strong relationships with other agencies, both here and internationally, and build our capability to detect and investigate electronic crime.

Even if you don't have to have college courses to get hired, you'll probably need them to get promoted.

Most police departments encourage officers to continue their education, and frequently a two-year degree is required to make lieutenant and a bachelor's degree to make captain.

To become a detective in CID, first of all you need to have completed your 2 year probation program, then you need to complete an application form before you can be interviewed.

In 1955 the American Bar Association requested Congress to make a complete review and re-evaluation of federal drug policies and laws.

Most people strongly support the use of DNA fingerprints as a tool to help catch and convict criminals.

Telegraph messages were used to apprehend the famous murderer, Dr. Crippen.

The National Automated Fingerprint Identification System (NAFIS) allows law enforcement personnel to capture fingerprint impressions and marks from crime scenes.

The new fingerprint identification system is beginning to be used in police forces.

Officers worked with scientists to gain first-hand knowledge of the traces and specimens they needed to look for at the scene of a crime.

The City of London's 'ring of steel' was set up to combat terrorism in the heart of the city.

Interpol's purpose is to promote assistance between police forces across the world.

Interpol enables the authorities to track down criminals who cross national boundaries.

The police have four responsibilities: to protect life and property, to preserve law and order, to prevent and detect crime, to prosecute offenders against the Queen's Peace.

It costs almost 6,000 pounds to train a police dog.

Marine Police patrol the rivers of the country to keep the waterways safe.

Organizations such as Victim Support, Neighbourhood Watch and Consultative Committees have been formed to increase understanding between the police and the general public.

Members of Neighbourhood Watch groups are encouraged to look out for crime or anything suspicious and to report what they see to a police contact.

Members of Neighbourhood Watch schemes are not encouraged to take the law into their own hands; instead they are advised to send for the police.

The Crimestoppers scheme first came to England in 1988, the City of London and the Metropolitan police were the first to use it.

The very first policewomen were not allowed to make an arrest unless a male police officer was present.

All societies have rules, or laws, to help them keep order and to protect people.

It is not the responsibility of the police to punish offenders - that is up to the courts.

If someone is accused of a serious crime, they have the right to be tried in front of a jury.

The police have special legal training to support their powers of arrest.

The victims family started a tireless campaign to seek justice.

Our aim is to renew and enhance public confidence in the police and strengthen our links with society as a whole.

Undercover officers could collect information to prevent crime and apprehend criminals.

The Home Secretary also intends to strengthen powers to tackle children under ten who break the law.

The Home Secretary also outlined new measures to tackle certain crimes head on.

More local crime and disorder partnerships will be set up to find local solutions for local crime problems.

Ballistics techniques are used to identify weapons as well as voice identification techniques are used to identify criminals.

Italian, Fortunatus Fidelis, was the first person to practice modern forensic medicine in 1598.

Fine powder (dusting) was used to make the marks more visible.

A group of civilian analysts were hired last year to educate the department about terrorist tactics and help search for threats in the city.

Impersonation fraud occurs when someone assumes your identity to perform a fraud or other criminal act.

Keep a list of telephone numbers to call to report the loss or theft of your wallet, credit cards, etc.

The advent of crime laboratories in the 1920s greatly augmented the police capacity to solve crimes.

The Crime Commission recommended that agencies acquire computers to automate their functions.

The Congress is funding a five-year project to improve the quality and availability of DNA technology to local and state law enforcement.

Often in cooperation with other federal agencies such as the Departments of Defense and Energy, the National Institute of Justice sponsors scores of efforts to develop new technologies.

The 911 system has become essential to summon emergency police, fire, and medical services.

Police departments continued to invest in computers and eventually apply them to more sophisticated tasks.

Police officers on the beat still require new technologies to assist them directly.

The mandate of the National Institute of Justice, the criminal justice research and development arm of the U.S. Department of Justice, is to improve and strengthen the nation's system of justice with primary emphasis on local and state agencies.

Technologies to detect weapons on persons raise legal questions about relative degrees of invasion of privacy.

The weapons detection systems of today are obtrusive, hard to move, and easy to circumvent.

Non-metallic knives as well as handguns that have low-metal content are very difficult to detect.

The National Institute of Justice, through its system of National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Centers, is exploring a number of options to develop a safe, affordable, inconspicuous system to detect metallic or non-metallic weapons at a distance of up to 30 feet.

The second five-year NIJ project goals are to reduce dramatically the cost of DNA tests, from $700 a test to less than $10; to reduce test times from hours to minutes; to increase the reliability and legal credibility of DNA tests; and to develop standard reference materials for population database genetics.

The National Institute of Justice has helped foster the early use of DNA in the criminal justice arena.

An eight-kilobyte electronic "smart" card for prisoners may be used to allow or deny access to certain prison areas.

In their efforts to improve the patrol function and maximize the impact of community policing programs, police nationwide are acquiring new technology to decrease response time and speed information dissemination.

The Institute's program to improve the quality and availability of DNA technology to local and state law enforcement will strengthen criminal investigation and prosecution in the 21st Century.

E-mail, the Internet, and cellular communications have made illegal transactions more and more difficult to trace.

The National Institute of Justice has no investigative or other law enforcement role; its only products are research, development, dissemination, and coordination of efforts to improve criminal justice.

Chicago was the first U.S. city to adopt the Bertillon system of identification.

Departments in New York, Chicago, and elsewhere increasingly use computer programs to map and analyze crime patterns.

There is no longer any reason to question the reliability of DNA evidence.

Around 1980, some departments, among them Tampa, Florida, and Wichita, Kansas, developed the capacity to display on a screen the address of the phone from which a caller was calling.

Many police agencies that had access to computers in the 1970s and even into the 1980s seemed reluctant to use them for more than routine tasks.

Many police executives have made no effort to integrate data processing into day-to-day police work.

The new approach calls on the police to be prepared to handle the broad range of troublesome situations.

For the majority of felony crimes, there is little or no attempt to collect or analyze physical evidence.

If the subject becomes resistant or combative, the officer is trained to respond with tactics and techniques to defuse the situation and gain control of the subject.

Since the earliest days of policing, law enforcement has sought appropriate tools to control the behavior of the lawless.

The baton is versatile because it can be used to disarm or immobilize.

The Metropolitan Police Service has been working hard to reduce the numbers of deaths in police custody.

The book encourages readers to think critically about the causes of criminal behaviour and the potential of the criminal justice system to reduce crime.

Police departments traditionally have used "reactive" strategies to control street crime.

Officers must be supervised carefully to avoid charges of harassment, entrapment, and other civil rights violations.

A broad spectrum of people use the term gang to describe diverse groups with a wide range of characteristics.

The term community threat group has emerged as a way to provide a clearer understanding of the hazards these groups represent to American communities.

Career criminals migrate to communities that afford them opportunities to pursue their criminal activities.

Upon release from prison, most of offenders will continue to prey upon the community or those who dare to oppose them.

The recent surge in crime among women illustrates that in spite of their stereotype as gentle nurturers, women have the natural capacity to be as violent as men, according to a number of experts.

As the sex roles of previous years start to weaken women simply have more and more opportunities to break the law.

A plot by the IRA to blow up the London Bridge has failed.

In the near future, police will have new powers to intercept e-mails, pagers, and mobile phones.

In the future, police will demand new laws to outlaw replica guns.

Detectives have already been asked by the Crown Prosecution Service to gather corroborative evidence.

Thousands more CCTV cameras will be sited around the country to fight crime.

Police dogs will probably get bullet-proof vests to combat gun crime throughout Britain in the nearest future.

Only in recent years have American students of justice begun to examine other cultures and their justice systems.

In recent years, a number of police operations have been launched to tackle computer theft.

Infinitive Constructions

Objective Infinitive Construction


I believe your explanation to be psychologically probable.

Janet believed him to be single.

I dont think I ever saw Mrs. Flowers laugh, but she smiled often.

She was lying in bed when a slight tap on the window made her start.

What do you expect me to do with this invitation?

Some people in California hated the gringos and wanted Mexico to win the war.

I believe him to be a great man who only lacks for recognition.

That newspaper report made me feel like I was in the middle of the city while the earthquake was happening.

Contrast the following description with what you know to be true today.

Nothing happened, but I did not expect anything to happen.

Many people consider the success in life to depend upon the zeal which you show in your work.

He rang the bell and ordered the vehicle to be brought round immediately.

The world saw anarchy and chaos unfold after Hurricane Katrina crippled the city of New Orleans.

I want you to always keep your things in good order.

The neighbour saw a stranger break the window and get into the house.


The police found the suspect to have left the city.

The public considers the police to be efficient and fair and carry out their duties honestly.

No one seriously expects the police to solve all the problems in our society.

The county courts, which were formed in 1973 with jurisdiction to ₤75, have seen their jurisdiction increase to ₤3,000, except for personal injury cases (₤1,000).

Senior citizens fear of crime is often high and they will expect local police to be sensitive to their concerns and to be responsive when they call.

Regulations now require rear seat belts or child restraints to be fitted in new cars.

Many people believe the police to be arrogant, brutal and a law unto themselves.

Chinese human rights organizations consider this law to be a grave threat to the free speech and free press.

People do expect the detective to be able to use forensic science to figure things out.

I want the jury to retire and then return with a guilty verdict in twenty minutes.

Upon arrival, the police saw the offender run off along the river bank.

We know the police to have been very free with their violence in previous incidents

The jury returned a verdict of guilty, and his Honour then ordered the prisoner to be incarcerated for fourteen years.

The Government lawyer asked the case to be referred to the Constitutional Court.

The court was well aware of the action the plaintiff wished the court to take.

The public believe him to be the fairest judge in the county.

No one expected the jury to find the criminal innocent.

Subjective Infinitive Construction


1. Each one seems to be above suspicion.

2. He had been heard to say that this was an excellent idea.

3. He didnt seem to hear.

4. Unfortunately for many of us, curiosity seems to lead more often to trouble than to success.

5. There seems to be something wrong with the new equipment.

6. One thing which happened when he was a small boy seems to have had a

deep effect on him.

7. It did not appear to be her fault.

Her book grew out of interest in stories about her grandmother, who was said to be part Cherokee.

Buffaloes were not much hunted in winter, when they were likely to be poor in flesh.

There seemed to be nothing to see; no fences, no creeks or trees, no hills or fields.

After a thorough check the 500 year old gold coin proved to be a fake.

He was said to be one of the most promising physicists.

The ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia are thought to have invented the wheel about four thousand years before the birth of Christ.

The ability to collect and report information without government interference was (and still is) thought to be at the core of a free society.

Bays are considered to be internal waters of a state.

Computer and mathematical science occupations are expected to grow by about 24 percent over the next decade.

Further progress is reported to have been made in the post-graduate training of law students.

In its original form, "sanitation" is understood to mean "the promotion of hygiene and prevention of disease by maintenance of sanitary conditions".

Drug-free school zones were supposed to keep dealers away from kids.

This publication is stated to be annual but is actually received on an irregular schedule.


The state was expected to retry the case.

These items are likely to be offered as evidence

Inmates in all British prisons are expected to work.

The police are quite properly expected to be more accountable.

Unfortunately, current legal prohibitions appear to be doing little to discourage drug abuse.

In general, small countries are more likely to report crime statistics data than are large ones.

Illegal drug use was said to have been virtually eliminated by the communist government in post-world war II China.

Special mediation committees are believed to play a significant role in crime prevention.

In British courts lawyers are expected to treat one another with respect.

Any carelessness in the investigation procedure is likely to distort the outcome of work

Total losses from occupational crime are said to be in the range of $10 to $20 billion per year.

The Twelve Tables appear to have been based upon common and fair practices of early tribes which existed prior to the establishment of the Roman Republic.

Natural law comes from outside the social group and is thought to be knowable through some form of revelation, intuition, or prophecy.

The Supreme Court should not be expected to change its decision in cases similar to those it has already decided.

Traditionally, crime can be said to have occurred only if certain necessary elements are present.

All crimes can be said to share certain general elements.

Just as defendants are assumed innocent, they are also assumed to be sane at the outset of any criminal trial.

Some people are said to suffer from an irresistible impulse and may be found not guilty by reason of that particular brand of insanity in 18 of the United States.

Killings which occur while the physical abuse is in process are likely to be excused by juries as self-defence.

Prosecutors are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards in the performance of their roles.

Misuse of powers of stop and search is likely to be harmful to the police effort in the long term.

Detective sergeants are deemed to fulfill a supervisory role in the investigation, but in effect constables and sergeants work as relative equals.

The lower-class person is (1) more likely to be scrutinized and therefore to be observed in any violation of the law, (2) more likely to be arrested, (3) more likely to spend the time between arrest and trial in jail, (4) more likely to come to trial, (5) more likely to be found guilty, and (6) more likely to receive harsh punishment than his middle- or upper-class counterpart.

The early police were thought to use brutal means and excessive force.

Copyright in works of regular employees are presumed to be owned by their employers.

In London of the 19th century the chief traffic offenders appear to have been the aristocrats who saw the police to be the organization that threatened their class privileges.

After the riot damage and loss was estimated to be 50,000 pounds.

Police are duty bound to enforce the law in the same way that people are expected to obey the law.

These innovations more than any others can be said to represent the salient structural features of the Anglo-American legal system.

When a member of the public faces an emergency, the police are often expected to be able to resolve the situation.

The study of the application of fingerprints for useful purposes appears to have started in the latter part of the 17th century.

The police are likely to face difficulties when they investigate computer theft.

Repeat victimization appears to be common.

Repeat victimization is likely to occur within 30 days of a previous computer theft.

A county court is the forum in which the English citizen is most likely to appear in civil litigation.

In rural areas the interaction between police and the community appears to be more natural.

Countries with low crime rates seem to have little in common.

Even among drug addicts who are, presumably, the most likely to be rehabilitated through treatment, the recidivism is exceedingly high.

The order to rescue the hostages came two days after they were supposed to have been killed by the bandits.

Statistically, citizens are far more likely to lose their life or to suffer injury through accidents than through crimes.

This group does not appear to have any definite structure, though its members appear to have formed networks and cooperate with each other in their criminal endeavors.

This crime group is believed to be involved in extortion, money laundering, fraud, loan sharking, and homicide.

Studies show that kids with mothers in prison are more likely to wet their beds, do poorly in school and refuse to eat.

Police officers are expected to know their area and to be aware of potential crime situations.

The new police analysts are soon expected to receive clearance to see secret federal government documents.

The book Career Criminals in Society is sure to advance theory and research on chronic offenders and inspire discussions on how to adequately control crime.

High-rate offenders are believed to be committing five or more serious offences per week.

Even though males commit the vast majority of street violence, females seem to be catching up.

The CS gas appears to have been used as a method of control rather that in self-defence.

Police are expected to track down the killers of a young woman through the DNA evidence.

The British authorities are expected to request criminals extradition in a few days.

Everybody is supposed to know and understand the law.

Law enforcement officers are expected to enter the danger zone in case of emergency.

There appear to be no geographical or ideological frontiers to torture.

State courts handle the cases that the public is most likely to be involved in, such as robberies, assaults, and traffic violations.

Construction For + Infinitive


According to the laws of aerodynamics it is impossible for a bumblebee to fly.

I think my Dad would be proud for me to become a painter.

The lecturer has simplified the terminology and clarified the options for

learners to better understand the model.

We are waiting for you to tell us about your birthday party.

This subject is too difficult for the first-year student to comprehend.

It is a shame for a society not to be able to support the hungry and the poor.

It is important for children to play with other children from their neighbourhood.

The European Union will get a clearer structure, which will make it easier for citizens to understand the EU.

Infinity is an extremely difficult concept for students to grasp.

Satellite communications and the Internet make it possible for small groups of extremists to spread messages of hate and intolerance widely to millions with the click of a button.


For cross-national comparisons of crime data to have significance it is essential that the data share conceptual similarities.

It is very important for the police to be sensitive in the way they treat victims of crime.

It is for the judge at the court of trial to say whether a statement shall be admitted in evidence.

For the Chinese auto theft rate to equal that of the United States, every automobile in the country would have to be stolen nearly twice each year.

Persons who sell and distribute drugs are particularly difficult for the law-enforcement agencies to apprehend.

The Police Act 1996 specifically mentions the requirement for Chief Constables to provide annual Local Policing Plans.

The International Criminal Court Bill makes it an offence for a British national to commit genocide, a crime against humanity.

The law made it easier for individuals to bring employer discrimination suits against police agencies.

In many prison systems it is now possible for prisoners to make or to receive telephone calls.

The priority at this stage is for the police to make contact with the relatives or friends of the people whose deaths are regarded as suspicious.

Guns are potentially dangerous in any hands, and easy access to whatever group always makes it possible for gun crime to be committed.

The police should be contacted for the registration number to be checked in case it has been stolen.

If you mark the radio cassette system with the vehicle's registration number it will make it difficult for the thief to sell.

This booklet provides information for owners to improve motor vehicle security.

Extensive study and experience in crime scene investigations is needed for the investigator to be proficient in the field.

The crime was too serious for this gang to perpetrate.

Where corruption is widespread one generally finds a tendency for the police to be violent and for the prosecutors office to be unusually harsh in its request for stern punishment of relatively minor offenders.

It is for the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty.

There are adequate resources for the judiciary to appoint additional judges and judicial officers at the levels of District Court and Magistrates' Court.

It is hypocritical for the legislature to be exempt from laws that it has enacted to apply to other parts of government.

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