Grammar Resource Book - Посібник (Левашов О.С.)

Future perfect





I will have finished

Will I have finished?

I will not have finished

We will have finished

Will we have finished?

We will not have finished

You will have finished

Will you have finished?

You will not have finished

He/she/it will have finished

Will he/she/it have finished?

He/she/it will not have finished

They will have finished

Will they have finished?

They will not have finished


1. Completed action before another action or a specific time in the future, e.g. She will have felt better by the time she gets* home. By next September he will have retired.

*No future tense in time clauses.


We shall have translated the article by five o’clock.

I shall have finished this work before you return.

The train will have left by the time we get to the station.

They will have shipped the goods when your telegram arrives.

I am sure that they will have completed their work by May.

Before the end of her vacation, she will have spent all her money

I will have perfected my English by the time I come back from Britain.

By next November, I will have received my promotion

Come at nine. The manager will have signed all the documents by that time.

By next Christmas we’ll have been here for eight years.

The builders say they’ll have finished the roof by Tuesday.

I’ll have learnt these rules before the next lesson

What matters is what he will have left when the dust settles.

 We shall have been in London for six months by the time I leave.

 On completion of this course graduates will have developed an understanding of a complex body of laws.


The police will have completed the investigation of the case of robbery by the end of the week.

A certain percentage of the offenders under supervision will have committed a crime before the probation term expires.

If the current rate of arrests holds constant for the remainder of the year, police will have arrested 11 percent more drug suspects than in 2001.

By the end of its mandate, the tribunal will have prosecuted only a small number of top-level perpetrators of war crimes in Bosnia

At the present acceleration of incarceration rates, the Brookings Institute estimates we will have incarcerated half of the US population by 2054.

By the end of this year we will have convicted about 236,000 people for drug offenses.

Before this campaign is over, we will have arrested al Qaeda members, al Qaeda associates in every country throughout the world.

By the end of this year Saudi Arabia will have executed well over 100 people and the USA will have executed almost 100.

By the end of the decade they will have imprisoned hundreds of thousands more people for victimless crimes.

Tomorrow, before noon, the police will have arrested Mr. Elias on evidence I shall by then have put before them.

There will be at least a five-fold increase in the number of defendants Boston courts will have sentenced to prison for illegal possession of firearms.

Police will have investigated the deaths of a total of 254 patients of the doctor, who practised first in Todmorden, west Yorkshire, and for 20 years in Hyde, Greater Manchester.

The court will have sentenced you to between four months and two years the first half of which you will spend at the detention centre.

In 20 years, most states will have legalized casino gambling.

If Hulett misses one day of treatment he will have violated his probation.

 By the time the Justice Department ends its case Wednesday, some three dozen such witnesses will have testified.

By the end of elementary school, the average child viewer will have witnessed approximately 30,000 acts of violence on TV.

If you copy it, you will have violated copyright law.

By the time these children are 14, they will have witnessed or personally experienced violent abuse.

The witnesses will have committed a crime when they do not disclose this information.

One in 1,000 Americans will have murdered someone in his lifetime.

Magistrates who will have convicted thousands of people in their absence will base on nothing more than “no response” evidence by the police.

The new investigation technique will increase at least five-fold the number of defendants courts will have sentenced to prison for illegal possession of firearms.

District Attorney Charles J. Hynes expects that by the end of the year, police in Brooklyn will have confiscated more than 6,800 illegal guns.

Ten years after their release from prison 1,530 offenders out of 10 thousand will have raped, molested, or sexually abused again.