Grammar Resource Book - Посібник (Левашов О.С.)

Future continuous





I will be typing

Will I be typing?

I will not be typing

We will be typing

Will we be typing?

We will not be typing

You will be typing

Will I be typing?

I will not be typing

He/she/it will be typing

Will he/she/it be typing?

He/she/it will not be typing

They will be typing

Will they be typing?

They will not be typing


1. Action in progress at a specific time in the future, e.g. I will be waiting for you when your plane arrives tonight. At midnight, we will still be driving home.


Tomorrow at 5 they will be preparing for the seminar.

The car will be waiting for you at the entrance.

You will not find her in the office, she will be having lunch at that time.

They will be finishing their work when you come.

Phone me at any time, I shall be waiting for your call.

Will you be doing something special tonight?

At this time tomorrow we shall be leaving the city.

It’s so dull! They will again be discussing their professional matters.

Will you be writing a test paper today?

You will know her at once – she will be wearing sun glasses.

You will be leaving us soon now. It will be getting colder with every day.

Don’t hesitate to phone me after eleven. I shan’t be sleeping. I shall be watching the football game on TV.

Do not make any false move, I shall be watching you all the time.

After the performance we shall be waiting for you in the car.

We'll be spending some time together during the next few months.

I think some people will be listening carefully to His Honour’s speech.

I'll be leaving Friday morning.

We'll be leaving the country this evening for a few days.

I'll be staying with her for the next month or so.

Give me a year, and I'll be making more money than John.

Look, we will be looking after her business from now on.

We'll be spending some time together during the next few months.

The children will be sleeping by the time their father gets home.

Look, Delbert and me will be looking after your partner from now on.

Now that I'm famous and all, I figure the Hollywood people will be knocking on my door very soon.


The FBI will be looking for me in an hour.

This year they will be investigating much more cases.

So they won't be arresting me in the middle of the night.

I'll be staying with the Memphis police department for the next couple of months.

I figure you and I'll be doing lots of foot patrol work Tuesday night.

An order for a new trial setting will be forthcoming soon.

I know that within a matter of weeks I will be working on Sundays too.

My name is on the summons, so from this point on I'll be watching my back.

My lawyer is so good that by this afternoon you'll be looking for another job.

He has a hunch that a lot of lawyers will be watching our trial this afternoon.

By tomorrow, your picture will be hanging in every sheriff's office in ten states.

Just give me some time, and I'll be making more money than all your investigators together.

Judge Hale does not know that I'm the lawyer who'll be prosecuting this case, not Bruiser.

We'll be watching the girl day and night.

I have no idea what I'll be doing a year from now, but it's very likely that again I'll be defending some other thug in the same court.

If there is not a complete resolution shortly, then I shall be stepping out of the case.

In a few hours their physical evidence will be coming in: the fibres, the phone records, the fingerprints etc.

If you go to a good law school, finish in the top ten percent, and get a job with a big firm, you'll be earning six figures in a few short years, and it only goes up.

My ignorance of the law is shocking, and I shudder from the thought that in a few short months I will be arguing with other judges and juries in courtrooms around this city.

The lawyers for each party will either be sitting at the counsel tables or be speaking to the judge, a witness, or the jury.

Police will be paying special attention to the movements of suspicious people.

All U.S. embassies and consulates will be fingerprinting visa applicants by October 26, 2004.

When Operation Trident starts an accurate and up to date flow of intelligence will be assisting officers on the ground.

When the operation begins the Trident team will be developing further intelligence on murder suspects and carrying out proactive operations

 From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 10, police officers at Wall-Mart on South Street will be fingerprinting children as part of child safety precautions.

Detectives will soon be solving gun crimes and murder cases far faster with the help of new forensic tools.

When you get out of the court building, the victim’s relatives will be waiting right there.

According to the UN, in a few years time the drugs trade alone will be generating revenue in excess of $ 500 billion a year.

In jury trials prosecution and defence know that they will be presenting their cases before people unfamiliar with the law.

 A simple smoke grenade is a warning that law enforcement will be using more serious weapons, like a chemical irritant or spray.