Grammar Resource Book - Посібник (Левашов О.С.)

Past continuous





I was eating

Was I eating?

I was not eating

We were eating

Were we eating?

We were not eating

You were eating

Were you eating?

You were not eating

He/she/it was eating

Was he/she/it eating?

He/she/it was not eating

They were eating

Were they eating?

They were not eating


1. Action in progress at a specific time in the past, e.g. I was having

 dinner at 7. They were sailing when the storm started.


At a quarter to five I was going to the office.

When I came home my father was watching TV.

What were you doing when I rang you up?

At that time I was looking for a job.

She was having tea when the lights went out.

When I saw her last she was wearing her hair long.

I was taking my second glass of beer when the clock struck seven.

She didn’t hear the bell because she was having a bath at that moment.

I turned my head and looked where they all were looking.

He was writing the last lines of the letter when his wife called him downstairs.

The guide was taking a small group of tourists round the palace when a terrible explosion shook the place.

He told me that he was leaving early next day.

I was waiting for the bus and suddenly saw Margaret.

The light was moving round the room as if a man with a torch was looking for something.

I wondered why he was laughing. There was nothing funny in what was going on.

When I saw him last he was speaking at the meeting.

As we were walking on the road was getting worse.

I didn’t hear the phone as I was making coffee in the kitchen.

Her friend called at 8 in the morning when she was rushing to work.

I didn’t interview him in the morning, because at 10 p.m. he was having a press conference.

What were you doing yesterday at 5 o’clock?

Now without her sailor cap her wet blond hair was sticking out in all directions.

It was still early in the day, but already it was growing hot.

He summoned a boy who was watching us from a distance.

I was lying in a little room, and a window shade at my head was flapping softly in a warm wind.

The whole economic and political structure of society was undergoing a great change, and “tribalism" was giving place to "feudalism”.

The Church supported the feudal system, which was emerging in England at that time.

The Church was promoting the feudal system with the sharp distinction of classes, and the increasingly unequal dis­tribution of wealth and freedom.

A new system of social order and control emerged when Christianity and territorial feudalism were laying new restraints on the individual.

When I opened my eyes, a kid was looking square at me.

I looked into the windows, as if I was shopping, but I was thinking solely about myself.

We thought he was being heroic.

Behind him, near the doors of the hospital, a mother was dragging a child up the walk toward the building .The little boy apparently knew what was coming, for he was screaming and carrying on fiercely.

He had no idea what the woman was talking about. He had no idea where they were going.

Neither of us was paying any attention to what she was doing.

When she awoke one of the men was lying under the tailgate, the other under a tree.

She was walking along a gravel road with a sack of groceries when the rapist nailed her in the back of the head with a beer can.

I was sleeping when the phone rang.

Ethel was typing the document with zest when her boss interrupted her.

He looked around the room and noticed that everyone was staring at him.

There was little or no ventilation in the room and a cloud of smoke was forming above them.

I asked her if they were leaving, and she distinctly said no.

Her blood pressure was out of control those days, and she was taking lots of medication.

They both looked toward the end of the room where the conference was raging in full force.

He was flying back from the Coast one night when the plane disappeared from radar.

The governor at that time was having a late dinner with important people and his secretary’s interference irritated him.

He stopped her on the sidewalk as she was entering a side door.

I caught Professor Bryan as he was leaving his office and heading for a lecture.

She was crying as they left the room.

When the hotel manager came up to his car its engine was running.


The plain clothes police who were standing around the entrance to the bank were tense with excitement.

The female victim was walking along the street when two men rushed out of a bush and attacked her.

When the police found the victim she was lying on the road unconscious.

When the TV reporters arrived at the scene they saw two local policemen who were standing about 100 metres from the crowd.

The suspect claims that on the night of the fire he was staying at his friend’s house until 3 a.m. when he returned home.

The suspect threw a hand grenade at a police car while officers from Sussex Police Special Operations Unit were executing a warrant at a flat in Western Road in Hastings at about 4 a.m. last Tuesday.

The police spokesman said the kidnappers were demanding a 1 million peso (43,470 dollars) ransom.

At least four Russian criminal organizations were operating in California last year.

The law enforcement intelligence reported that Russian mafia crime groups were operating in many of the major cities in the USA.

The report said many of the California crime networks were communicating and, in many cases, cooperating with other out-of-state groups in their criminal activities.

Russia's Analytical Center for Social and Economic Policies stated that the growth of crime was threatening the political and economic development of Russia.

CIA Director R. James Woolsey revealed that crime syndicates from Russia, Asia, and Africa were forming alliances with traditional Italian and Latin American organizations.

During the 1970s and 1980s, according to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, approximately 10,000 Soviet citizens, many who were Russian-Jewish refugees, were immigrating to the U.S each year.

In early 1998, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that over 4,000 crime groups were operating in Russia.

In August 1996, the FBI reported that 15 large crime groups with former Soviet ethnic origins were operating in the United States.

Police arrested several Russian crime figures in St. Augustine, Florida where they were establishing a drug distribution route from Florida to Detroit and New York.

Primarily white residents occupied Firestone during the 20's and 30's, but just south of Firestone, African-American populations were growing.

During the early 1920s Hispanic gangs in California were banding together for unity and socializing in the neighborhoods where the same culture, customs, and language prevailed.

By 1985, the Vietnamese gangs were committing auto thefts, extortions, firearms violations, home-invasion robberies, witness intimidations, assaults, and murders.

Skinheads from California were residing with Skinheads in Portland, Oregon, during December 1988 when the Portland Skinheads beat an Ethiopian immigrant to death with a baseball bat.

As the agents and the prisoner were getting into their car for the trip, the gangsters ran up to the car and then almost instantly opened fire with machineguns.

When the witness saw her last, the victim was wearing a red T-shirt with black trim on the short sleeves and around the neck and an asymmetrical dark skirt; she was carrying a square light blue bag with a shoulder strap.

Officers of the Serious Crime Group were carrying out proactive operations, they were gathering intelligence on the gunmen and developing closer links with other agencies.

Four of the six persons who killed women's rights advocate Fern Holland were carrying current and valid Iraqi police service identification.

The investigators knew what they were seeking.

When I looked out of the window a policeman was standing outside the house.

Suddenly everyone understood that the investigator was referring to the coroner.

The old policeman looked at the suspect directly then, aware probably that he was being too rude.

The victim, according to the pathologist, was looking straight into the path of the gunfire when the bullet struck him.

Even when I was a prosecutor, he didn't see the point of what I was doing.

He described the bomb and suspect and explained that the sheriff was searching for the accomplice.

As I was saying, the defendant renews his motion for a change of venue.

The bailiff was watching all this from the door to chambers, and when all was perfect, he yelled: "All rise for the Court”.

The prosecutor walked three steps in the direction of the bench and eyed the judge, who was watching intently.

During the trial the evidence plainly showed the defendant was suffering from dotage.

When he first saw them in court, he realized why the cops were protecting them.

The cops were interrogating the suspect when a loud explosion shook the office.

At that time the jurors were watching the witness and thinking about his testimony.

The judge walked quickly to the front door of the court building because people were watching and taking pictures and yelling questions.

The criminal was yelling and cursing and crying when the lawyer came into the cell.

His lawyer was preparing an appeal when the phone rang.

When the attorney came into his office his deputy was standing behind the desk and talking on the phone.

The sergeant was walking slowly toward the police station when the ground shook so hard he lost his balance.

Just at this time in 1919 the nation was plunging into its disastrous experiment with National Prohibition.

In August 1997, black market smugglers Denis Garcia and Orlando Mendez, both of Miami, were looking for a buyer for a rare Peruvian artifact.

In the mid-1960s crime rates were climbing, riots and disorders were becoming commonplace.

Why were many police agencies not making more effective use of computers even in 1980s?

By the 1990s, the use of computers was growing and police agencies were using them for increasingly diverse purposes.

In 1993 more than 90 percent of U.S. police departments were using computers.

Police were blocking the entrance, so we didn’t get in.

The suspect was driving a rental car when he allegedly struck the old man.

When backup officers and an ambulance arrived, the PO was lying in a pool of blood, his weapon beside him.

While the suspect was awaiting the retrial, investigators found additional proof of his guilt.

Police were searching the home of a suspect when a bomb exploded outside the house.

Although the policeman was moving backwards, he somehow caught sight of the criminal through the bare branches.

I was wondering if the coroner reported anything unusual in connection with his examination of the dead body.

By the time the plane landed at Stansted at 4.30 a.m. more than 50 police and troops were waiting.

An officer saw the suspect as he was jumping out of the window.

Those days American juries were becoming increasingly reflective of society's intolerance of violent crime.

When the detectives stormed into the room, the gun was lying on the desk.

When the criminal looked up, the executioner was reaching for the electric chair lever.

The detectives approached the group of reporters and announced they were leaving and taking the body to the morgue.

Two young women were talking in a car in the Bronx, New York City, when a man fired into the car five times.

In their fruitless search for the criminal the police were chasing down every suspect, checking registrations for .44 weapons, and tracing activities of former mental patients.

After the first murder no one expected that a serial killer was making his debut.

At the trial when he was not giving evidence, the accused sat impassively.

Media reports on Monday suggested police were hunting three more members of a terrorist cell.

All three robbers were wearing gasmasks and body-armour.

The police arrested a truck driver who was transporting over 50 Chinese “illegals” from Holland.

Last week, in Bosnia British immigration officers were checking lorries, cars and buses for signs of people who were heading illegally for the European Union and Britain.

By the summer of 1996, the undercover agents were depositing the cash into phony accounts via US Banks.

Even President Zedillo of Mexico was unaware of the secret police operation that was taking place on Mexican soil.

While the murderer was deciding on disposal of the body, the blood in the corpse drained down to the lowest parts and coagulated.

 One out of every twenty-one fare evaders, at least initially, was carrying some type of weapon—from a straight-edge razor on up to automatic weapons.

 The clerk informed him that the court was denying the appeal of Sam's claim of ineffective assistance of counsel.